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Ohio Personal Loans - Bad Credit
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Best For Bad Credit


•Up to $10,000

• Minimum Score: None

• Minimum Score: None

Funds Available: Next Day

APR From: 5.99%

Best Overall

SuperMoney | Personal Loans

• $500 - $100,000

• Term: 3 - 72 months

• Minimum Score: None

Funds Available: Next Day

Max. APR: 35.99%

Lowest Interest Rates

Personal Loans

• $1,000 -$35,000

• Term: 3 - 72 months

• Minimum Score: 580

Funds Available: Next Day

Max. APR: 35.99%

Fastest Funding


• $200 -$1500

• Term: 9-18 Months

• Minimum Score: 300

Funds Available: Same Day

Max. APR: 841%

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A personal loan is a sum of money you can borrow from a bank, credit union, or online lender. The amount you borrow will be paid back on a predetermined schedule until the total amount plus interest is paid in full.


it is important to be careful and smart when borrowing money, if you have issues with debt or income a personal loan may worsen the issue by adding interest and raising the total amount you owe. Sometimes personal loans are necessary but the best time to use one is if it can potentially save you money or improve income opportunities.

Other Loan Options:


If for any reason you cannot get approved for a personal loan through a traditional lender then there are still options if you need quick cash. Below are some alternative secured loans for those in need of a little extra help this month.


Title Loan

A title loan is a type of secured loan in which your vehicle title serves as your collateral. If you own your vehicle outright with a clean title you may qualify for funds the next day. Check out LoanMartUs to see how much you can get.


Online Title Loans 


Cash Advance

a cash advance is a short-term loan of a relativity small amount that is usually used for unexpected expenses or emergencies. A cash advance can be either borrowed against your credit card or come as a fixed-term loan usually repaid on your next payday. See how much you can get before payday at ACE Cash Express.

Fast Cash Advance Online 


Payday Loans

Payday loans are similar to cash advances. They are short-term loans in which the amount owed plus any fees is paid typically on your next payday. Be careful to only take these types of advances when absolutely necessary as it is easy to get behind on fees and can take a while to catch up if you are advancing your entire paycheck. See what you are approved for at ACE Cash Express.

Payday Loan Online


Installment Loans

An installment loan is an agreement to pay back a lender in a certain amount of equal “installments” over a predetermined period. Installment loans are given for all sorts of things: Automobiles, mortgages, jewelry, and furniture. However, if you arent looking to make a purchase that offers to finance, you may want to seek out a loan for cash.


A personal loan is the same as an installment loan, but rather than the amount borrowed going to a car dealership or jeweler, the principal amount goes directly to you. Then you repay the principal and interest through your payment plan just as if you had purchased a car. Installment loans have larger amounts and longer terms than other types of loans and advances, allowing for more flexible options.

Terms to Know:
  • Principal Amount — This is the amount your borrow. or the total loan amount less interest and fees.

  • Interest — Interest is the fee that the lender collects on your debt, it is based on your credit history and the amount of time you take to re-pay the loan. APR stands for "annual percentage rate" and is the numerical representation of the percent interest you will pay each year on top of the original loan amount.

  • Term —The length of time to which you agreed to repay the loan. Example: 60 payments over 5 years.


Pro tip: Today there are many internet lenders competing for your business. If you’re not sure whether a lender is legitimate, consider checking with consumer reviews and trusted sources.

Unsecured vs. Secured Loans

Traditionally loans fall into one of two categories: secured and unsecured. An unsecured loan is not backed by any type of collateral and your qualification is based on your credit history.


Secured loans are a good alternative for those who have less than perfect credit or want a lower interest rate than they can get with traditional lenders. Unlike other loans secured loans are backed by an asset such as your home, vehicle, or savings account. If your financial history cannot demonstrate to lenders your ability to pay you can provide security to the lender by offering an asset as collateral, the value of which will quite likely determine the amount you are able to borrow.

Paying back a personal loan


As with any debt, it is important to first understand the structure of your repayment term. Make note of the amount you owe and when each payment is due. Make sure you create your budget around your loan payments. Anything with interest should be paid on time and as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary fees or extra interest charges.



- Make extra or early payments to avoid interest charges

- Make your payment before budgeting spending

- On-time payments will improve your credit history

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