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Free Auto Loan Calculator
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Estimating the Cost of Your Auto Loan


Interest Rate & Credit Score

The terms of your loan, especially your interest rate, are largely determined by your credit score. You can estimate your credit score to find a range of interest rates. Or click here to find out how to get your free credit score. 


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Loan Term 


The loan term is the number of months it will take to pay off the loan if you are only paying the due amount each month. Loan terms range from 36-80 months with most people taking 60-month (5-year) loans. Terms shorter than that can yield very high payments and terms longer than 5 years require a strong credit history. 

36 Months = 3 Years

48 Months = 4 Years

60 Months = 5 Years

72 Months  = 6 Years




Average car payment in US


While payment isn’t the only important thing, for most people it is the most important. Budgeting your payment amount is crucial to successfully paying off your loan and improving your credit. Most consultants recommend spending less than 10% of your monthly income on a car payment and less than 20% overall on vehicle expenses (gas, insurance, maintenance.). For example, if you make $2500 per month you should aim for a payment of $250/mo or less. The average car payment in Ohio is $335 for used vehicles and $535 for new vehicles. We recommended you compile your monthly income and expenses before planning your budget.

How to Budget for an Auto loan - Buckeye Bad Credit Loans

Down Payment & Trade-in

A down payment or trade-in credit on your current vehicle comes off the principal or total cost of the car and can save you on interest over time and lower the amount of your monthly payment. We recommend putting at least 10% down, but this depends on the goal of the consumer. 

Can I Get Approved with Poor Credit?


It is hard to determine which dealers have the right vehicles and programs to fit your financial needs. Many dealers won’t even tell you what programs they have until you apply. Buckeye Car Loan works with a network of hundreds of dealers to find the best vehicle and loan terms for you. We specialize in poor credit, no credit, low income, and clients who have been turned down in the past due to repossession or bankruptcy.

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