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Bad Credit Financing in Westerville


Have you been turned down in Westerville due to poor credit or low income? Sub-prime financing can be difficult to understand but you shouldn't spend more simply because you have bad credit. Starting your journey online is the best way to find low-interest rates and prevent embarrassing details at the dealers. Find the best loan for you near Westerville by applying online. Many clients even drive the same day as application. 

Used Vehicles in Westerville, OH

Over 85% of new vehicles purchased are financed. The most important factor in deciding between a new and used vehicle is depreciation. Edmunds reports that in Westerville vehicles can lose up to 9% of their market value the second it is purchased. 


Most buyers in Westerville, Ohio choose to purchase pre-owned vehicles. While it may not have the same extended warranty or new-car smell, buying "used" is often the best decision financially. Many choose to avoid pre-owned vehicles for fear that they will be fooled or sold a defective vehicle. Consumers in Westerville today enjoy many legal protections against misrepresenting goods, and consumers have access to a wealth of resources. The financial aspect, combined with the peace of mind provided by technology explains why used vehicles make up almost 60% of the vehicle financing market

Cost of Financing in Westerville

The main factors that will determine the cost of your vehicle are: Principle, Down payment, trade, and interest. The principle is the amount owed to the lender after the initial purchase, accounting for down-payment and trade-in credit. The lower your principle the lower your payments. It is recommended to put when 20% when buying a new vehicle and 10% down on pre-owned. Finally, the interest rate, which will be determined by your credit history, will determine the cost of your monthly payment. Most car loans offered in Westerville are “Simple Interest” meaning the faster you pay the loan, the less interest you pay. The max interest rate for used cars in Ohio is 25%. Shop the best interest rates in Westerville.

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Bad Credit Auto Financing Westerville Ohio

Westerville Ohio Stats


Population:                      40,0432

Average Income:             $45,133


Average Credit Score:     733


Average car payment:      New: $535 per mo.

                                          Used: $335 per mo.

Bad Credit Loans Westerville Ohio
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Buckeye Car Loan is a leading provider of online auto approvals, connecting our clients with qualified and reputable dealers.  If you have bad credit, low credit, no credit or have been turned down in the past due to bankruptcy, we can help you get a car loan through a special finance lender.

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