2022 Tax Guide: How To File Online

Updated: Apr 1

Your Biggest & Fastest Return in 2022

April is fast approaching. Those who wait until the last minute to file their taxes usually leave money on the table by not selecting the best tax preparation service. We have compiled the four best online tax services that offer free and affordable ways to get your biggest refund and get it as quickly as possible.

US TAX DEADLINE: Monday, April 18, 2022

Should I File My Taxes Online?

The IRS can take upwards of 8 weeks to process a tax return that was filed on paper. For this reason, online tax filing is more popular and secure than ever. Online tax services and software are the most simple way to quickly get your tax return in 2022. Online services offer on-demand support and human contact for tax issues. Rather than fussing with the IRS, many choose a professional tax service as an easy alternative.

Average Wait for Tax Refund:

Online or Efile: 2-3 Weeks

IRS Tax File (paper): 8-12 Weeks

What Does It Cost to File Online?

Online tax preparers and software offer free options. however, if you do you choose to pay for a certain service online tax preparers will take any fees directly out of your return so there is no up-front cost. Most who choose to use professional services end up with a much larger return which is likely to overshadow any incurred fees.

How To File Online with the IRS

You can file your taxes online for free directly through the IRS website. However, because the IRS free e-file functions through a partnership with private tax preparation companies, many opt to simply select their own services based on their needs. There are countless services interested in your business, below we have compiled the 5 best options for those looking to get their biggest refund fast.


Our Selections:

1. H&R Block -Best Reviewed

2. TaxSlayer - Biggest Refund

3. E-File - Best Free Program

4. Liberty Tax - Fastest Return

Best Reviewd: H&R Block

Cost: Free, $34,99 $69.99

Founded in 1955 as one of the nation's most trusted tax prepares H&R block currently employs over 12,000 retail locations to better serve their clients. However, the easiest way to file and get your return quickly is to file using their online service.

File Online for free or get a 20% tax prep service.

Best Refund: TaxSlayer

Cost: Free, $24, $54

Based in Augusta, Georgia TaxSlayer has quickly become one of the fastest-growing and most reliable tax prep services in the US. Not only does TaxSlayer offer the same fee and paid services as other more well-known names, but they also do so at often a much lower price.

File Online for free with Taxslayer

Best Free: E-File

Cost: Free, $29. $39

Efile.com offers the most simple self file service, with on-demand expert support. Over 67 million self-prepared returns were filed in 2021. E-file offers the hands-down best free service while offering top-tier support and premium filing.

File Online for free with Efile.com

Fastest Return: Liberty Tax

Cost: Free, $34, $55

While offering equally professional and secure service, Liberty Tax has built its reputation on fast filings and returns, don't be stuck around waiting on the IRS for a paper filing. Get your money fast by filing online same-day.

File online for free with Liberty Tax


How Much Will My Tax Return Be?

The amount of your tax return can depend on a number of factors including your income, deductibles, and any back taxes you may owe. To ensure you get the largest return possible it is recommended to seek the assistance of a tax prep service. Consulting with an expert can not only save you money this year. but prevent mistakes that can cause expensive headaches in future tax seasons.

When Will I Get My Tax Return?