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Cincinnati auto dealers may offer in-house financing which does not require third-party approvals from banks in order to offer you a loan. This can be a great way for someone with less than perfect credit to get a vehicle and get re-established. Most BHPH lots in Ohio will report to credit bureaus. Many dealers will not require a credit check in Cincinnati and may simply verify your residency and income. BHPH lots in Cincinnati may require a down payment but offer reasonable terms for those with poor credit. 

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Why Choose a Buy-Here Pay-Here?

Selecting a buy here, pay here in Cincinnati may provide a simpler purchase process over traditional bank loans. In addition, your in-house loan will likely also be reported on your credit, improving your history with little risk. However, these types of dealerships often have higher prices and a limited selection. Applying online could allow you to see if a buy here, pay here or traditional lender is right for you. Shop Ohio's Best Loans

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Our simple and fast online process is the easiest way to get pre-qualified online, regardless of past credit mistakes.

Stop the hassle and embarrassment of dealing with showrooms and salesmen. Our simple and secure application takes minutes. Some even drive the same day. 

With our network of hundreds of dealers, we match you to the perfect vehicle close to home. A local consultant will guide you through the loan process.

All Credit is accepted. We have access to special finance programs for any situation including Bankrkruptcy, Reposession and low-income

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

Buckeye Car Loan is a leading provider of online auto approvals, connecting our clients with qualified and reputable dealers.  If you have bad credit, low credit, no credit or have been turned down in the past due to bankruptcy, we can help you get a car loan through a special finance lender.

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Bad Credit

Auto finance isnt always simple: You need a loan to get good credit, but you need good credit to get a loan. This is where Buckeye Car Loan comes in, we have special finance programs for any credit type.  Learn More >>

No Money Down

Everyone needs a car, but not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend same-day at the dealer. Buckeye Car Loan offers $0 down and no trade approvals for all credit types.

Learn More >>

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First Time Buyers

Not every buyer has good or bad credit. Some have none at all! Buckeye Car Loan has access to first-time buyer programs that can approve you with no credit history.

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Don't get suck letting the dealer pick your car because you have less than perfect credit. At Buckeye Car Loan you are pre-approved online and can focus on finding the vehicle that suits you. Learn More >>

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Bankruptcy can leave a lasting mark on your credit, but it is not the end! our network of dealers has decades of experience dealing with chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy. Learn More >>

Everyone makes mistakes. At Buckeye Car Loan we believe that second chances should apply to credit too. We offer amnesty programs for the toughest situations. Learn More >>

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